I am gaining mobility in my left shoulder after having surgery a number of years back. I really appreciate that there are multiple instructors that provide feedback. It is helpful to obtain tips from different instructors. They see things a little differently and I benefit.
Travis D.
East Bethel
What I find great about CrossFit is, it pushes you everyday to be better than you were the day before. And by pushing yourself, you can feel physical achievements every time you workout, which is extremely motivating and drives you to want more.
Jim S.
I have made new friends, they are all very encouraging, and on top that, it's fun!
Terry D.
I like the variety of workouts. It is total body conditioning that I like with some weight mixed in with the cardio. The coaches helped me figure out how to modify workouts to accommodate bad shoulders. If I do less weight or a different movement, I still get a good workout.
Larry M
Forest Lake
Over the years, a marathon of sitting at my day job led to chronic back pain. I tried many remedies with no success, until I found CFTL. The outstanding programming at CFTL has delivered mobility and strength to my back and entire body. After a quick one year, I am pain free.
Todd S.
Lino Lakes
I want to make going to the gym a priority again - it is easy to lose it and it is an accomplishment when you find a place that you want to go and work out!
Alyssa S.
Forest Lake

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